IT project management

The IT project manager is the link between the business and IT side.

He's responsible for the successful execution of IT-related projects, while also planning and directing the work of the general IT team. The IT project manager is responsible for realizing these projects within the set requirements, timeframe, and budget.

Please see the VEETAMINE use case below, IoT solution for VENDING and COFFEE industry.



With just one single and non-invasive solution, clients can efficiently and seamlessly deliver required services. Let it be for stock planning and refill, machine maintenance, revenue recognition, reconciliation and COGS booking, the system delivers a quick, stable and future-proof solution directly through stable APIs in the user hands, 24/7.

IT project management
  • NETcore Node.js Javascript (JS/TS)
  • MySql/MariaDB
  • Linux
  • APIs Payments integration Algorithms

VEETAMINE main goal is to provide all stakeholders with a powerful, complete, unique, and standardized data source and added-value tool to fulfill their operational functions in the Vending Machine industry.

IT project management